I am deeply engaged with the housing needs and aspirations of our residents. As your Councilmember, I will fight to:

Create Housing for All

  • Provide housing opportunities for people at all income levels, including missing middle

  • Promote workforce, family, senior and special needs housing

  • Adjust development fees to incentivize housing over office development

  • Affirmatively further fair housing by working with creative sites and programs in our Housing Element

  • Work with the community on General Plan updates that can accommodate housing opportunities that complement current neighborhoods

Expand Affordable Housing and Prevent Displacement

  • Support an updated city affordable housing funding strategy

  • Follow best practices for mobile home and apartment rent control

  • Reduce displacement by implementing a local version of the state’s anti displacement legislation, SB330

  • Work to create a regional network of options to curb homelessness and street vehicle residency

  • Establish new models for affordable homeownership like Community Land and Housing Trusts and Community Opportunity to Purchase programs

  • Explore new revenue sources like a hotel tax, a tax on vacant properties and a Bay Area Housing Finance Agency Bond

  • Adapt SB9 to suit our community

Ensure Housing Growth is Designed to Improve Quality of Life

  • Update our development design review process to both be more streamlined and produce more livable developments

  • Champion creation of a Moffett Precise Plan to expand housing opportunities along with walkability, retail, and neighborhood growth in this second half of our downtown

  • Enable conversion of low-density, outdated shopping centers into mixed-use walkable developments with housing, neighborhood-serving retail, small businesses, trees, public plazas and pocket parks

  • Enable ground floor live-work as an option on some mixed-use streets

  • Update the Downtown Precise Plan to emphasize housing over offices

Other Issues

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