We need to make Mountain View more livable as we develop. To do this, I will fight for:

Championing our Parks & Public Spaces

  • Ensure that a variety of outdoor public spaces are available to people of all ages, abilities and recreational preferences

  • Preserve vital open space, trails, neighborhoods parks, and picnic areas

  • Preserve our tree-lined streets and the heritage trees that we have

  • Increase connectivity of bike and pedestrian paths

  • Champion the availability a diverse range of parks such as wooded parks, linear parks, pocket parks, ball parks, dog parks, tot lots, public squares, pickleball and tennis courts and more

  • Promote peace and quiet in our neighborhoods and outdoor space by speeding up the conversion to all electric landscaping equipment

  • Make sure that nearby nature is available to all of our neighborhoods

  • Explore new revenue sources for parks & purchase land for new parks

  • Advocate for vast connected regional bike trails and a green bike path between downtown Sunnyvale and Mountain View

Enhancing our Downtown & Village Centers

  • Make Mountain View a sustainable 15-min city with goods and services available within a pleasant 15 minute walk from home

  • Preserve Castro Street as the historic heart of Mountain View and maintain the first three blocks of Castro as a vital pedestrian mall

  • Encourage active transportation and neighborhood-serving retail including a range of live/work, small, women & minority-owned businesses

  • Ensure that all neighborhoods and residents have access to great streets and public places

  • Increase the quantity and variety of public arts & music programming

  • Preserve downtown small businesses we love while filling COVID-caused vacancies with neighborhood -serving retail and exciting new small businesses including hybrid online/brick and mortar stores

Other Issues

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