I am fully committed to moving rapidly on the most effective solutions for a more sustainable future:

Fighting the Climate Crisis

  • Revise our 2050 greenhouse-gas reduction goals with the stronger and accelerated greenhouse gas reduction targets that many cities in our region are adopting

  • Set a date to fully electrify building operations in the city and implement programs to assist our residents and businesses to make that change

  • Encourage rooftop solar and complementary battery backup

  • Encourage more virtual and fewer in-person conferences and business meetings

  • Expand green job, internship and education programming

  • Speed up implementation of sustainability recommendations made by Mountain View's Environmental Sustainability Task Force

Grow our Climate Resilience Capabilities

  • Collaborate with neighboring cities, county, and state stakeholders to manage expected rates of sea and river level rise

  • Develop as a green city rather than a concrete jungle in order to manage riverine rise;

  • Improve water efficiency and drought management;

  • Explore grid improvements like microgrids and district heating and cooling

Increase Nature, Reduce Plastic

  • Include the combined benefits of protective tree canopy, cool paving and active transportation improvements in street maintenance and upgrades;

  • Transition landscaping requirements to drought-tolerant native plants;

  • Ensure an abundant supply of tree canopy and shade across all neighborhoods;

  • Convert restaurant and fast food dishware to 100% compostables or reusables;

  • Reduce light pollution;

  • Encourage all restaurants to feature a robust sustainable plant-based menu section and grocery stores to offer a list of plant-based foods and beverages

Other Issues

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